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The main objectives of the volume laboratory are to establish, maintain and upgrade standards of volume measurements compatible to international standards through research and development.

The aim of the volume laboratory is to realize, maintain and disseminate the derived SI Units of volume. The laboratory has been providing apex level calibrations in volume measurement and maintains traceability of volume measurements at international level.

The main activities of the laboratory are participating inter comparisons in the field of volume and to assure international traceability, provide calibration service to calibration laboratories, testing laboratories and to industry.

Unit: m³

Micro Pipette Calibrator
Max 1000 µl
Resolution 0.000001 g
Digital Balance
Max 510 g
Resolution 0.0001 g
Digital Balance
Max 12 kg 10 mg
Max 22 kg 20 mg
Max 52 kg 50 mg

Digital Balance
Max 52 kg
Digital Balance
Max 2100 g
Resolution 0.01 g
Digital Thermometer
Resolution 0.1 ºC

Existing Facilities of Volume Laboratory

  • Calibration of Volume Measures Using Gravimetric Method
Instruments Descriptions Range/th
Piston-operated Volume Measures Micro-pipettes 1 µ1≤V≤1 ml
Volume Measures Pipettes, burettes,
glassware, standard test measures
1 ml ≤ V < 20 L

Calibration of Volume measures using Volumetric Method

Instruments Descriptions Range/th
Volume measures Standard Flask
Standard Test Measures
Proving Tank
Storage Tank
Up to 10 L
Up to 20 L
Up to 3300 L
Up to 5000 L

Calibration Fee

Volume related calibration services Rs.
Un Subdivided Measures  
Volumetric measures  
 Up to ml500 500
Exceeding 500 ml and not exceeding 2 L 1000
Exceeding 2L and not exceeding 100L  
For first 2 L  1040
For each subsequent each 1L or part thereof  20
Exceeding 100 L and not exceeding 1000 L  
For first 100 L 3200
For each subsequent 100 L or part there of 200
Exceeding  1000 L  
For first 1000 L/td> 5000
For subsequent each 1000L or part there of 1000
Subdivided Measures  
10% of the fees specified for un-subdivided measures shall be charged for each sub division  
Measuring cylinders for 3 points ,   
Rs 200.00 for  each additional point  
Up to 50 ml 500
100 ml 600
250 ml 700
 500 ml 800
1000 ml 900
 2000 ml 1000
Road Tanks  
For first 3300 ml 3000
For subsequent 3300L or part thereof 2400
Flow meters  
Micropipettes ,Pipettes and Burettes for only for 3 points,   
Rs 200.00  shall be charged for each additional point  
 1µl < V <= 1 ml 2000
1ml < V <= 50 ml 2000
 50 ml < V <=200ml 2500