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Measurement units, unit parts and establishment of larger parts, invent new measurement systems, acquire the knowledge of measurement standards and by implementing the standards of such standards; pervade such activities through the users all over, are the subject matter that is relevant to this subject. Having to know of the errors in the system and the impact that arises by rectifying the subject matter and the ongoing subject matters will also be included in the science based scientific measurement group. Some of the basic principles that have to be followed in order to undertake scientifically based scientific measurements are as follows:

  • Establishment of National Measurement Laboratory and through which establish national measurement systems of the country.
  • Realization, establishment, updating, maintenance and dissemination of National Measurement Standards.
  • In conformity with the international standards, establish and implement national measurement standards.
  • Dissemination of the required measurements and technology standards to various fields of activity and take progressive measures.
  • In order to stably carry out the national measurement system, to undertake required numbering system and research laboratory standardization.
  • Dissemination of training in regard to science measurements technology, consultancy services and dissemination of advice in solving the disputes arising out of measurements.