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The opening of the first mobile   in.  MUSSD

The National  Measurement Laboratory located  Department of  Measurement Units Standard and Services has been  declared open the first Mobile  Verification Unit of the  MUSSD .last february 06th and 7th  at the Colombo District Secretariat and Gampaha District Secretariat  by participating the Honorable Minister of Trade ,commerce and food protection and the  Government Agents Colombo and Gampaha  and the Director of MUSSD .
 This mobile buses  has been  created on behalf of the  public service of the MUSSD district verification Service  as  implementing process .

In corona pandamic times MUSSD need to enhancing the verification center  in Divisional Secretariat wise .It should be according to the health regulations thoesday and by intervining  the former Government Agent Colombo  the former  Officer in charge  was  enhancing this service in the  uncomfortable vehicle of the  department  .on behalf of request of the. people who get the verification serve in Colombo.

Anyway  it continuoesly enhancing  in Colombo Only .
Then  this programme has been implemented  by designing  the mobile bus for  improving the department district  essential  service .

This new programme has more  duty benefits such as implementing the district verification service  not only divisional wise but also Grama Service area wise  and developing and regulizing  the service of MUSSD.,Could be holding  the School programmes of  Measurement Standards of MUSSD is very important  

Traders and consumers also be  aware of MUSSD Act   further and. ,processing the  new verification investigations in mobile service areas and  increasing of government  lost revenue   paralel to  the mobile verification Services explained the project officer .