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Legal Metrology concerns the field of legal control of measurement. It is the process of certifying measures and measuring instruments to be complied with measurement laws in the country after the inspection of such instruments and measures according to the legal requirements on the use of measuring instruments. Necessary legal provisions have been provided via the act No. 35 of 1995. Accordingly, law and regulations made are implemented throughout the sectors like health, public safety, environment, enabling taxation, protection of consumers and fair trade.

Activities under legal metrology implemented by Measurement Units, Standards & Services Department have been defined in the act and its regulations. Weighing and measuring found in all the commercial transactions are controlled by measurement law. The act empowers the department to regulate legal metrological activities and this empowerment would be controlled the country legal metrological activities through the already had established 22 district offices by the department as following ways.


  • Initial and annual verification of weights, measures, weighing and measuring instruments used in trade
  • Protect consumers by implementing the penal section of the act
  • Consumer awareness on Legal Metrology
  • Inspection and control of pre-packed commodities
  • Verification of measuring instruments related to health sector, environment protection, and road safety
  • Prosecution against persons who commit fraud measurements by conducting market raids