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Establishment, maintenance and advancement of national primary standards of temperature measurements in accordance with international standards through research and development.


Realization, maintain and disseminate the SI base unit of temperature (Kelvin, o K). The laboratory provides calibrations and maintains the traceability of temperature measurements at international level.

Main Activities

Main activitiesof the laboratory are participating inter comparisons in the field of temperature and to assure international traceability, provide calibration service to calibration laboratories, testing laboratories and to industry.

SI Unit

The kelvin, symbol K, is the SI unit of thermodynamic temperature; its magnitude is set by fixing the numerical value of the Boltzmann constant to be equal to exactly 1.380649 × 10-23 J K-1

Temperature measurement customer services

The Measurement Units, Standards & Services Department (MUSSD) Temperature Measurement customer services are the most accurate and reliable in Sri Lanka. We are responsible for establish, maintain & disseminate the Temperature Measurement Standards in compliance with International Standards, ensuring justice & equity for Government Institutions, Industry, Calibration & Testing laboratories, Health sector, Metrological & other service providers & Consumers, through the regulatory & service activities based on Temperature Measurements to uplift the quality of life and standards of Sri Lankans.

Calibration Fee

Thermometric related calibration services Rs.Cts.
Clinical Thermometer 500
Industrial & Laboratory Thermometers  
Digital Temperature Probe/Digital Thermometer  
Dial Thermometer Probe  
RTD & Thermocouple Thermometer   
 - 500C to 1400C 1250
1400C to 7000C 1750
7000C to 12000C* 2500
Liquid in Glass Thermometer*  
Maximum Registered Thermometer*  
For Partial Immersion  
<- 100C 2000
- 100C to 1400C 1200
>1400C 2000
For Total immersion  
<50C  2000
 50C to 900C 1200
>900C  2000
Min Max Thermometer*  
 - 300C to 500C 2000
Wall Thermometer*  
- 300C to 500C 2000
Surface Probe* 2000
Infrared Thermometer*  
- 150C to 5000C 2000
IR Moisture meter*  2000
Moisture Balance* 2500
Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer* (Comparison Method)  
 - 380C to 4260C 20000
00C to 6600C 20000
Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer* (Fixed Point Method )  
 - 380C to 4260C 60000
00C to 6600C 60000
 - 380C to 6600C (For each single fixed Point) 10000
Industrial Thermocouple* (Comparison Method)  
500C to 6000C  10000
6000C to 12000C  14000
Industrial Thermocouple* (Fixed point Method)  
< 6600C (For each single fixed point) 10000
Liquid & Dry Block Calibration Bath* 8000
Temperature Chart Recorder* 4000
Laboratory Oven & Furnace 2400
Autoclave  Incubator& water bath 2400
Deep freezes & Refrigerator  
Single chamber 2400
Dual chambers 2800
More than two chambers for each additional chamber 400
Cold Room (Room temperature measurement) 3200
Cold Room (With Thermal Switch Indicator)                             4750
Thermal Switch*/Controllers  
 - 400C to 1400C 2400
1400C to 7000C 2750
Digital Hygrometer* 4000
Wet & Dry bulb Hygrometer* 2000
* Available only Indoor Calibrations   
Note: All these charges are valid only for FIVE calibration points or less. Each additional calibration point (If required) will be added extra charge of 20% of total calibration fee.